The best decission I have ever made was to accept to the invitation to ride a bicycle to the city of Szentendre situated on the upstream of River Danube. At first it felt a bit strange being in the Company of strangers and indeed there was very little conversation between us. But as we beat more corners, pantent up the small climbs and breathed a sigh down the descends we bagan to slowly warm up to each other. I am not sure at which point of the journey we friendship joined us but all I know is that by the time we got to Szentendre we were friends!

The Journey was as enchanting as we played “now you see me, now you don’t” with the Danube. From the green ambiance of the Romai stretch with its life giving cool breeze to the gradual climbs in the grass patches of villages whose names I cannot pronounce without undergoing tongue surgery! Then there is the forest bit. Frankly this the part of the journey where my spirit joined the fun club. As we mounvred the right and left turns among the tall trees one could not help but feel at peace with nature. The trees took our mind off cycling for a while as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Szentendre is quite a small but very busy city full of tourists from every corner of the world, I wouldn’t be surprised to find someone from my village there! The city reminds of Kenya’s Lamu and Mombasa’s old towns with narrow streets where the most modern of mode of transport that can be used is donkey ride! The city has small street all leading to the city centre.

The trip was not just rejuvinating in terms of exercise but quite exciting with neatly hidden little heavens along the way. I would recommend a bike ride to the city for any one who loves to keep fit, loves the feel of jungle and seeks to quench his city starved soul with a little serenity. And for those who love to take a plunge you can always refresh yourself by taking a swim inthe Danube!

Joseph Mbeja

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