Jövőkerék Közhasznú Alapítvány aims to promote, support - after Hungary's accession to the European Union - the strengthening and enforcement of European values is essential for local communities, non-governmental organizations and independent citizens' capabilities, resources, development and exploitation of promoting independent initiatives, programs options.

The Foundation wishes to give to the various partners in civil society development project for the aging concrete ideas and their implementation assistance. In doing so, you want to put great emphasis on the understanding, reflection and cooperation, as well as open communication and information exchange methods and tools.
Official representative: Ary Benedek

Jövőkerék Közhasznú Alapítvány

  • Headquarters: 1021 Budapest, Kuruc u. 8.
  • Phone: +36 30 544-7350
  • Web: www.jovokerek.hu
  • E-mail: jovokerek@jovokerek.hu
  • Statistical code: 18121214-9133-569-01
  • Hosting provider: www.spiderhost.hu
  • Tax number: 18121214-2-41
  • Bank account number: 11702036-20706856
  • PIC number (Participant Identification Code): 934415454
  • The registration number and date:
    Pk.60571/2005/2, 2005.08.12.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:  jovokerek@jovokerek.hu 

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