The process of job-seeking can be speed-up and become more efficient with help of social media tools. The actual information such as job fairs, ads of job agencies are available on Facebook and LinkedIn as well.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in a study that those are successful in job-seeking who have got a wide network of acquaintances – not friends, because they usually have a view on the same fields and information, but those who are further, a little bit superficial acquaintances who have a view on other fields too. It is useful to join the different expat groups living in Hungary, because they share lots of useful information with each other.

Social media networking

On LinkedIn to join the communities of previous schools, workplaces can provide a good opportunity to maintain a shallow but lively relationship within the same professional circle. The function called endorsement can be a tool for recognizing the existing skills and competencies, as a reference. LinkedIn is a professional community, where you may find on one hand the bigger companies’ communities, and bí following them we can get up-to-date information about potential job opportunities, events, etc.

On the other hand every group of profession has its community, and HR companies, job agencies are most likely recruit in these platforms, because they can reach the proper employee quite easily with their calls.

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