Opportunities to learn and practice Hungarian language

1. Association organizes Hungarian classes in different levels at Gólya. Lessons are on Monday and Friday, the first time you will be measured by the ‘dobbantó’ group, and the direct into the proper level group.

2. At Kalunba a Hungarian language teacher runs the lessons, all participants get books, exercise books

3. MIGSZOL: Lessons are on Sundays at 21 Bérkocsis street.

4. Different paid trainee opportunities combined with language teaching, special professional language practice, intercultural mediator course. They also have Job club at 28. Népszínház street, every second Thursday from 2 to 4 pm. They have contacts with companies, mostly jobs and positions without any special education needed.

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More information

  • For those who are interested in job seeking: munka@jovokerek.hu
  • For those who are interested in community programs:
    click on here to answer the questions,
    and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us: mentor@jovokerek.hu