The only official translation office:

The Education Office’s Hungarian Equivalent and Information Service provides official certificate about the following certificates, diplomas and documents, in order the recognition:

  • Secondary school final exam,
  • higher education certificates

Recognition of certificate

This authority is not allowed to provide certificates of:
1. Health care and medical science certificates belong to: Health Register and Education Centre (Egészségügyi Nyilvántartási és Képzési Központ), address: 1051 Budapest, Zrínyi utca 3., phone: (+36-1) 235-7922, 235-7927, fax: (+36-1) 269-3794, homepage:, e-mail:

2. Architects and design architect artists belong to the Budapest Building Engineer Chamber. address: 1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 2., phone: (+36-1) 318-2444, fax: (+36-1) 338-2775, homepage:, e-mail:

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