LaMaIT project (09/2020-08/2023)

Development of LAbour MArket Integration Tools for educators helping migrant women (LaMaIT project / Identifier 2020-1-HU01-KA204-078825). Migrant women demand special integration services: they are more vulnerable as their problems are aggravated by particular issues, and their situation is worsened by problems women are facing in general.

The general objective of the 3-year (09/2020-08/2023) LaMaIT project, that is supported by the Erasmus+ of the EU,is to contribute to the quality development of the widely and free available, innovative competence development practises in the field of labour market integration of migrant women. The direct target group of this project are educators: people helping migrant women in their integration process on a wide scale.  To help them to provide high quality services, we create national databases of services available for migrant women in the partner countries and develop and test a Labour MArket Integration Toolkit. The labour market integration toolkit will help to offer more effective integration services through the improvement of knowledge on how to better support the labour market integration of migrant women based on their needs and experience and knowledge transfer on EU level.

The partnership consists of the following 4 organizations:

1. FISPE ( is a French foundation active in the field of integration of migrants.

2. Folkuniversitetet ( is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of training services all over Sweden.

3. Jövőkerék Közhasznú Alapítvány (coordinator, is a Hungarian foundation active in the field of integration of migrants.

4. Giuseppe Olivotti ( is an Italian Social Cooperative which offers services and trainings in various fields for disadvantaged people among them for migrants as well.

As a result of IO1 the national databases are available and we also created google maps to visualize them. You can reach them at the following links: (Hungarian) (French) (Swedish) (Italian)

The databases can be downloaded from the links below.

More info: Project card

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