We provide job-seeking consultation for students in higher education who come from third countries and searching for jobs. Finding the realistic aims and objectives in job- seeking. Creating professional CV and cover letter, updating your LinkedIn profile. Finding those channels and methods that can help to reach the targeted job. Preparing for the job interview

Competence map: With the help of an online test available in English/Hungarian, job-counsellors can tailor-made our services to your skills and level of your competences. On this basis, realistic aims for job-seeking and develpment can be focused on.

Job club: The job club service is available weekly based on a preliminary meeting with a job consultant. In the club it is possible to search among the job adverts in the folders that are searched tailor-suit for them, and among the useful information for the job-seeking. Job-seekers also can share their experiences with each other.

Skill-development group: In the skill development group you can practice those competencies which are important for finding and keeping the job with the help of simulation games and situational exercises.

Enterprise improvement counselling: For those who don't want to be employed, but they would like to start a new enterprise, we provide counselling to think the idea viability over, to create a business plan and to calculate whether it is worth to start the business.

Mentoring program: During mentorship we provide personalised support for the students: with the mentor together they could find the solution for all the up-coming problems and challenges connecting to their life in Hungary, such as:

    -practicing Hungarian as a foreign language,

    -questions regarding the Hungarian culture and society,

    -finding out good places in Budapest and get to know the city,

    -discussing practical things, university issues,

    -personalized support in their everyday life, providing information about the necessary processes:

    -supporting in managing official processes – occasionally,

     -providing information about public institutions, education, health care, associations and communities for migrants

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