The network cooperation could be further developed by workshops of the program targeting Roma inclusion. Five workshops have been organized with the active participation of network members, especially in rural areas where we dealt with the topics of the manual aimed at Roma activists. Thus, we were able to connect and strengthen the impact of the various activities of the project.

The basic aim of the workshops was to take the information and the most important practical knowledge produced in the network that we assumed is needed locally to the local communities. The conversations during the workshops confirmed this assumption and allowed

• sharing the knowledge gained during the training and the professional material of the manual,

• problem-mapping interactive conversations,

• sensitizing local actors without any previous experience to the topic.

By the time of the completion of the program, the Manual for Roma about combating racism, reporting and redress brochure was ready, which contains all the knowledge and information that the network members have mastered. The publication will allow revising, reviewing and consolidating these information.

The handbook is valuable and can be used even without having participated in the trainings; it is an efficient means of Roma civil society activists for the acquisition of basic civic knowledge.