Training (public authorities)


Between 2014 June and September 11 trainings were organized for municipality workers and public officers in the field of antidiscrimination.

All together 176 people attended at these trainings.

For all the groups were offered to choose the topic which is the most interesting or important for them (intercultural conflicts). We always had to adapt the training content to the groups’ needs and to the circumstances.

How much time we had, how many participants, what were their professions. So even we had a well developed material, minor changes were always needed. The most popular the “education” topic was as many of the participants were teachers, or connected to the education system by another way.


At all trainings we combined the interactive training methods with some educational presentations, as there was a need for that too.

These trainings were advertised through email lists and professional contacts, but not in the public media. The project website published a report about the occasions. Among the expected results, we got many positive feedbacks and also we could also learn. The participants were sharing many facts and direct information from their work experience with Romas.